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PickinglHow to Choose the Best Kwigy Bo Carrier For Traveling by Marianne B. Conway

It can be difficult traveling with your pet, but sometimes you just can’t leave them behind (and do you really want to?). A Kwigy Bo dog carrier like the Alexa dog bag is a great example of how you can take your pet with you anywhere you go, even if you are traveling across town or across the world .

Designer dog carriers by Kwigy Bo are made with the fashionista pet owner in mind, so when your animal gets sick or the weather gets really wet, you can easily take your dog where he needs to go. No muss, no fuss. And since this pet carrier purseis actually made to look cute, you won’t feel like it is a burden and you’ll be more likely to let youranimal pal tag along for the ride — more quality time. Luxury dog carriers make both you and your dog cuter!

Utilitarian options are out there, but Luxury dog bags have one serious advantage: they are better made. Better material, better stitching, better design. As a New York-based company focused on bringing the chic and fabulous to pets and their owners, they succeed and bring the best in pet accessories. Built and designed like a designer purse, the pet carriers are comfortable to carry and be carried in.

There are other high quality dog carriersout there besides Kwigy Bo (like Jaraden), and you can find several different styles and colors depending on what you like to have in your closet. Make sure you choose a style that you can wear with most of your outfits, or you could instead focus on which best reflects your canine’s personality (you already have a purse, after all).

Casual dog slings are available if you prefer jeans and blouses, and a designer dog purse is best for the fashion conscious pet owner. Many are also airline approved, but check with the airline to be sure.

If you do decide to travel with your doggiein tow, there are a few things you should remember to pack along with him or her. Well-made carriers will have a few zipper pockets or snap pouches where you can store:

â€A brush — Especially if your dog is currently shedding, bringing a brush is important if you will be under someone you know’s hospitality. This isn’t as important if you’re staying in a hotel, but bring a lint roller as well if you think it will be a major problem.

â€Treats — What better way to motivate a animal and reward him for good behavior? Pack a few of his favorite snacks and he’ll be loving his dog carrier! Antler dog chews can also be a great treat if you think the trip will make your animal nervous — he’ll have something to chew on that will last the whole trip.

â€Medication — If your dog needs any regular medication, keep it in one of the carrier’s pockets. You are less likely to misplace it that way. You can also pack a note with instructions on the medication in case someone else needs to take care of it.

Doggie Diva is an online dog boutique that specializes in offering you the Kwigy Bo carriers you’ve always wanted like the Alex dog carrier.

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Antler Dog Chews – Your Dogs Chew on Antlers? – Product Review

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