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Dog Training Treats Are The Perfect Reward For A Job Well Done. by Rebecca Foxton

When training your dog, there is nothing like the power of a treat. No matter how much you and your dog love each other, sometimes they just need a treat to know that you appreciate them.

However, just as with people, treats full of additives and empty calories are more likely to promote health and behavior problems, rather than reinforce a task well done.

The pure dried meat in Whole Life Pet Treats, unlike most pet snacks of this kind, can be eaten as is or soaked in water to bring out even more flavor and moistness. You can purchase these in beef, liver, cod, or salmon fillets. Wellness Pure Rewards is a healthful dog treat having 95% meat content, and it is free of grain, wheat, and artificial additives.

Etta Says! Freeze-Dried Treats use human grade ingredients freeze dried to preserve freshness, aroma and most of all taste. Taste the winning flavor of Etta Says Liver Treats as voted by CityDog Magazine readers.

Other products made from 100% human grade ingredients include Northwest Naturals Liver Treats rich in vitamins and minerals, and Uphaus Free-Range Real Meat Treats with no artificial sweeteners, fats, or extra calories.

If your dog is overweight, or loves treats to eat way too many treats, try Zukes Mini Naturals. You will earn everlasting gratitude from your dog when you give him these two calorie Mini Naturals that are nutritious and deliciously flavored like chicken, peanut butter, or salmon.

Another tiny type are Dogswell Minis Functional Dog Treats with a lo fat high protein content and easily digestible ingredients.

Solid Gold Jerky Treats, which are specifically made for older dogs and puppies, contain beef, lamb, or turkey, brown rice, oats, tapioca, cinnamon, and rosemary as active ingredients.

A product specifically designed for puppies is Wellness Just For Puppy Treats, with healthy ingredients such as blueberries, flaxseed, salmon and carrots in a scrumptious snack.

Zukes PowerBones have been specially formulated to be a cut above mere jerky/biscuit snacks. With nutrition based on vets advice and scientific research, PowerBones have been developed as a power and nutrient source for active and performance canines.

Besides being nutritious for your dog, Zukes PowerBones is also delicious. Zukes also manufactures Jerky Naturals for dogs who don’t need as much energy.

About the author: Rebecca Foxton wants to help you bring your pet better health with dog training treats. Check out her health tips for pet owners, and read her healthy dog treats article series on Dog Buffs.

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